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Digital watercolor wine label designs featuring race horses

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October, 2020 — Kentucky is known not only for its bourbon and horses, but also its wine!

Jester's Paddock

Jester’s Paddock is located at the heart of a thoroughbred farm in Lexington, Kentucky. They specialize in making Pét-Nat, or pétillant naturel, which are naturally semi-sparkling wines with young, bright and vibrant flavors. It’s old-school winemaking that dates back centuries, but has been trending in recent years.

Jester’s Paddock asked me to create label art that captures the exciting motion of horse racing. We worked on a watercolor or ink style that could be consistently applied to various horse racing scenes and grow with their brand.

Here is a recent one I made featuring Authentic.

Authentic, winner of the 2020 Kentucky Derby

Authentic, winner of the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

These labels are already in distribution:

Blue wine label variant of horse racing

Pet Nat by Jester's Paddock

Red wine label variant of horse racing

Best part, I was paid in trade — all the wine I can drink, whenever I stop by — and it really is excellent wine!

Jeremy Parnell is a software developer, interactive designer, and entrepreneur based in Lexington, Kentucky.
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