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Coffee Horse

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July, 2021 — I wouldn’t say that this is a fine example of coffee art, but it is one that I painted so I thought I’d share it here.

Coffee Horse

Some people drink coffee. Some people paint. Some paint with coffee! It’s a great way to create monochromatic art.

I guess my interest in coffee art has always been there. I’m known for both drinking a lot of coffee and also spilling my fair share of it. If the mess I make happens to remind me of something I’ll poke at it with a straw and swirl it around until I’m happy… which usually means I just made a bigger mess.

A number of years ago I learned that people were actually painting with coffee, using coffee like one might use water colors. I gave it a shot and made this “Coffee Horse” (eh, get it? like coffee house?).

Painting with coffeee has been around a long time, but saw an increase in popularity in recent decades.

If you’d rather see what a master can do with coffee as a medium, my favorite coffee artist is actually Red Hong Yi, a Malaysian artist known for using espresso cups and saucers to stamp rings on a canvas. Her portraits are amazing.

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