Jeremy Parnell

Hello, World

My name is Jeremy Parnell. I am a Business Technology consultant based out of Lexington, Kentucky. I have nearly two decades of experience in interactive design and development, earned through my involvement in a rather broad spectrum of diverse projects.

Side interests include art, science, and philosophy.

This web site is my playground. I use it to test code. Occasionally I might post things you'll find interesting.

Please email me . You can also follow me on Twitter @JeremyWasHere. It is my pleasure to have met you.

— Jeremy

Field Notes is where I share infrequent updates, photos, ideas, and links to things I find interesting.

Cover Art: Digitally painted with Procreate on an iPad, finished in Adobe Photoshop. Animated with Adobe Edge Animate. Best viewed on a tablet or higher screen size in Landscape. Watch the "Making Of" video on YouTube.