Jeremy Parnell

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My name is Jeremy Parnell. I’m a software developer, interactive designer, and entrepreneur based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Side interests include art, science, and philosophy.

I have over two decades of professional experience in building things that people interact with on a screen. It’s been a rather broad spectrum of projects.

I started building websites as far back as 1999. Let’s be honest, the websites I built back then weren’t any good — a lot of things were different back then — but we grow and adapt to new frameworks and it’s been an amazing experience. You pretty much have to relearn everything you know every few years. From my early days of hand-writing HTML in Notepad, I now design and build out entire technology solutions.

My point of view in programming (picked up from hard-learned lessons) is that time spent organizing projects is time well spent, and you’d better get the UI/UX layer right because in the end that’s what really matters. I am primarily a C# programmer, but many projects I work on involve other languages as well.

This is my personal website — a sandbox for testing code, ideas, and the occasional blog post. Hopefully, I’ll post something you’ll find interesting.

Please email me You can also follow me on Twitter @JeremyWasHere.

It’s my pleasure to meet you!

— Jeremy

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