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On the Road, the movie

If anyone is a fan of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, I can say that the movie version is definitely worth seeing. It lacked a lot of the literary style in the book, but in fairness there’s no real way to translate that to the screen — Director Walter Salles does a remarkable job in getting as close as anyone could. My only critique is that I think it was light on Kerouac’s mysticism. In the book, Sal Paradise looks up to Dean Moriarty as a kind of spiritual guru. It wasn’t completely absent in the movie, but it seems that they downplayed that aspect of their relationship. Again, in fairness, maybe that doesn’t translate well to the screen. Still, conspicuously, they left out one of the best lines from the book in the closing narration: “… and don’t you know that God is Pooh Bear?”

Package addressed to Indiana Jones arrives at the University of Chicago

University of Chicago receives a mysterious package addressed to the fictional Henry Walton Jones, Jr. AKA Indiana Jones. Link

Indiana Jones, of course, studied under Professor Ravenwood at the University of Chicago.

[Update: turns out it was a replica package, sold on eBay, that accidentally got sent to the university where the fictional Indiana Jones worked instead of its intended recipient in Italy.]

Raiders on the big screen

Raiders of the Lost ArkNo one seems to share my enthusiasm for the opportunity, but I’m about to fulfill a childhood wish and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen! I was too young at the time and didn’t see it until it had come out on VHS, or Beta Max, or whatever it was back then.

All-time favorite movie.

The Art of the Steal

Watched The Art of the Steal (currently on Netflix), a documentary about the power grab to control billions of dollars worth of post-impressionistic art after the death of a visionary collector. While it’s easy to confuse this as a film about art, it’s by far more a story about “ownership” and how private interests can be usurped by public greed.