Experience the Apollo 11 lunar landing

Lunar Module

On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission successfully landed the first astronauts to ever step foot on the Moon. Many of us, myself included, are far too young to have experienced this incredible feat of science, technology, and human ingenuity as it happened. But now we can get pretty darn close. The First Men on the Moon is a carefully curated online experience that puts you in Mission Control as if it were happening in real-time, combining public domain source material from NASA and others to stitch together a minute-by-minute replay of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. From the project description:

By using simultaneous space and land based audio and video, transcripts, images, spacecraft telemetry, and biomedical data—this synchronized presentation reveals the Moon Shot as experienced by the astronauts and flight controllers.

Our goal is to capture a moment in history so that generations may now relive the events with this interactive educational resource. The world remembers the moon landing as a major historical event but often fails to recognize the scale of the mission. This interactive resource aims to educate visitors while engaging them with the excitement of manned-spaceflight to build a passion for scientific exploration.

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