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In the footsteps of Kerouac

Kerouac Street Sign

Kerouac Alley

The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream.

— Kerouac

This is the bar in North Beach where Kerouac hung out with Neal Cassady and other famous Beat poets when they were in San Francisco. I ordered none other than a “Jack Kerouac” off the menu, a mix of rum, tequila, orange/cranberry juice, lime and an olive.

When the shadow of the grasshopper falls across the trail of the field mouse on green and slimey grass as a red sun rises above the western horizon silhouetting a gaunt and tautly muscled indian warrior perched with bow and arrow cocked and aimed straight at you it’s time for another martini.

Photos cc by Jeremy Parnell.

San Francisco trip

Some photos I took in San Francisco while attending a mobile web developer conference.

Photos cc by Jeremy Parnell.

Trackable Bambi

BambiWhenever I take a trip, I like to bring along a trackable. Found this one in a nearby geocache. Poor little guy’s only been 321 miles so far.

I’ll be dropping him off in San Francisco somewhere.

[Update: There’s a great little travel bug hotel at the California Historical Society. Check it out if you get the chance.]

Denim icons

Denim ArtHave a lot of blue jeans in the closet you’ve been putting off taking to Goodwill? Turn them into portraits.

From the artist, Ian Berry:

“The story of denim jeans follows snuggly against that of America. In its early history, it embodied the wholesome American hero, the cowboy and the laborer. For many years jeans were only used as work clothes, but by the 1940s they were starting to be considered leisure-wear in America. With the popularity of the Western movie and stars like John Wayne, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, blue jeans were all the rage. What were originally designed as prospectors working britches now gained the irresistible aura of romance and adventure.”


There’s a Toyota manufacturing plant near where I live. In an attempt to bridge culture gaps, the community built this nice Japanese inspired friendship garden.

Photos cc by Jeremy Parnell.