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emotionallyvagueVisualizing how people feel anger, joy, fear, sadness, and love, the research project Emotionally}Vague blurs the boundaries between art and science. From the project:

“Emotions can be overwhelming. But not always so. They affect our thoughts and perceptions far more than we realise. It is well established that we are subliminally affected by visual media, and particularly in terms of unconscious emotions, drives and feelings. I wanted to question how feeling can be experienced in the body, not simply in mind. I believe that we can use familiar tools to express understanding of experience, and not be restricted to the use of photographic stereotypes.”


This stop action film, “Frictions”, combines dance with colorful pieces of paper to tell a story of what I’m going to interpret as the mastering of emotional energy. Never have I seen a more beautiful use of post-it notes.

Crowds, sourced

When you hear the statistic that there are now seven billion people on the planet, you naturally wonder where they may all live. Dencity is a map that visually shows world population using circles of various size and hue. China, India, and Pakistan have the greatest population density and show bright on this map. Some areas are simply black and reflect the more inhabitable areas of the world.